Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Audio Slave Got Involved from a Popular Chant in the Sports World.

Audio Slave did the right decision to choose White Stripes's Seven nation Army on their playlist at Nuburgring, Germany, some years ago.

While Rage Against the Machine had been known for being a political band, Audioslave hasn't. And ironically its live performance apparently showed some powerful political statement. Not from the lyrics but from the music itself. Like Rage Against the Machine reborn.

Not to mention the song became a favorite chant in the sports world. Not the vocal tune, but the bass lines, going dahh, dah, dah, dah, dah....dah.

White Stripes's surely never expected it to become a cult-like chant in sports world, particularly in World Cup. Well, maybe it's in the back of their minds when the duo created it, or when Jack created the bass tune.

Whereas for Audio Slave, it would surely be a much more powerful song if Audio Slave could have created it. Had Audio Slave not covered it (or had Chris Cornell not sung it), we would not have known about the heaviness of it. But well, of course, Had White Stripe's not created it, you won't hear a familiar chant in the world of sports.

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